Recent Updates

February 2020

Seeking alternative accommodation

The topic 'Private rental' has been updated with new LHA rates.


January 2020

Seeking Alternative Accommodation

The topic 'HB+ Rent Top Up scheme' in the Private Rented section has been updated with a new version of the Referral Form.


December 2019

Rough Sleeping

The topic on 'Support for Homeless or Vulnerably Housed' has been updated to add the regular housing drop-in service provided at Wintercomfort by Amanda Staples.


November 2019

Budgeting and income

The topic on Fuel Poverty has been updated with details of Stay Well Heating Grants of up to £300 for vulnerable individuals/families living in Cambridgeshire, via Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

Hospital Discharge

The topic on 'Adapting an Existing Property' has been updated, because Frances Swann is now the manager of the Home Improvement Agency.

Seeking alternative accommodation

The section on Home-Link now has a link to an infographic which shows supply of, and demand for social housing in Cambridge. It will prove useful in managing people's expectations.



October 2019

Support options

The topic on Employment and Training support has been updated with contact details for Liz Talbot (CHS), and a revised leaflet about CHS' employment advice and support for HB+ and Cambridge City Council clients. There is also a one page version of the leaflet.

The topic in Seeking Alternative Accommodation > Private rented > HB+ rent top up scheme has also had the new leaflet added, because the service also relates to the HB+ scheme.

The recent presentation that Andy King gave to the HAS team meeting, about the range of options now available for improving access to the private rented sector, and for assisting single homeless people, is now available. It has had useful notes added, and it is in the section called 'Seeking Alternative Accommodation > Private rented', and in 'Seeking Alternative Accommodation > Single Homelessness Service'.The presentation includes a structure, and guidance on how the roles in the team fit together.

Related to this, a new topic has been created about the new PRS Tenancy Sustainment Service. It explains eligibility, how to refer, and how it differs from the Single Homeless Service. You can find this topic in 'Other Specialist Support'.

The existing topic on 'Support for Homeless or Vulnerably Housed' in the Rough Sleeping section has been updated with information about the Homelessness Prevention Support service provided by Fran Bailey.

Following a recent presentation by Vicky Crompton, a new topic on 'Support for perpetrators' has been added to Domestic Abuse > Support Services. This includes information on the 'Caring Dads' programme.

September 2019

Housing Options

A new topic in Prison Release and Offenders > Housing Options > Offender Schemes introduces a scheme run by Chorus Homes (formerly Luminus) in Huntingdon and St Ives.

The topic in Health Issues > Mental Ill Health > Supported Accommodation > People with mental health support needs has been updated with regards to Ditchburn Place, which is now managed by Matt Siggery. A current application form has been included.


August 2019

Support Options

Topics concerning the Cambridgeshire Mental Health Community Support and Prevention Service, and the Dual Diagnosis Street Team  (DDST) have been removed, following cessation of these services.

The Cambridge Women's Aid leaflet has been updated in the topic on Women experiencing domestic abuse.


June 2019

Housing Options - Supported Housing

The contact person for submitting referrals to Hope into Action has been changed to

The Referral form for Corona House has been updated (see Women-only accommodation).

Support Options

The topic on the City Homes Tenancy Sustainment Service has been updated to reflect Claire Wright's maternity leave.


May 2019

Housing Options - Older People

The section for Older People now has a topic on 'Sheltered Almshouses', which provides information on The Foundation of Edward Storey.

Domestic Abuse

The guidance for dealing with Disclosures of Domestic Abuse has been further updated.


April 2019

Domestic Abuse

The guidance on dealing with disclosures of Domestic Abuse has been updated with information about 'UDCs' (notes) on Orchard, where the applicant lives in a City Homes property.

Tenancy Sustainment Service

The Referral Form for the Tenancy Sustainment Service has been updated.

Seeking Alternative Accommodation

The topic on the Access Scheme has been updated with the announcement about additional funding for the scheme, and eligibility for it.

A new topic about Mutual Exchanges via Homeswapper introduces the pilot, and provides information that is suitable to give to customers.


March 2019

Finding Legal Advice

Details of referring customers for a free initial consultation on family law matters have been added to the areas on Domestic Abuse and Relationship Breakdown (see Finding a Legal Advisor). The clinic is run by the Anglia Law School.

Seeking Alternative Accommodation

The section about the Single Homelessness Service has been revamped in line with revised procedures. New topics on the Inform Referral Process and the Accommodation Finder/Advisor role are included


February 2019

Domestic Abuse

The guidance for Housing Advisors about dealing with disclosures of domestic abuse has been added to the Domestic Abuse area.

Other Specialist Support

A topic about support in cases of Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage has been included in the 'Other Specialist Support' section.

December 2018

Budgeting and Income

A new topic introduces the 'budgeting course' service offered to new Universal Credit applicants by the Job Centre. These are routinely offered to people who have disclosed that they have experienced domestic abuse, addiction problems of any sort, mental health or learning difficulties, and can be requested by other people. Applying for this service could be a task on the Personalised Housing Plan.

Domestic Abuse

The topic on Fleeing domestic abuse has been updated for Cambridge City Council Housing Advisors, to reflect the fact that a DASH Risk Assessment must be completed in all cases of a disclosure of domestic abuse.

Seeking Alternative Accommodation

The Single Homeless Service guidance has been updated.


November 2018

Grants for individuals in need

A directory of grant-giving charities in the locality has been added to the sections on Budgeting and Income, Debt and other relevant situations.


October 2018

Floating Support

The topic on Floating Support has been updated to reflect the fact that P3 took over The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Floating Support Service from Centra from 1st October 2018.

Lifestyle Support Services

A brochure on services supporting improved health and lifestyle has been integrated into topics on support options for various client groups (for example Mental Ill-Health and Drug/Alcohol Abuse).


September 2018

Seeking Alternative Accommodation

A new topic called Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) introduces a questionnaire that assists in evaluating options for the over-65s.


May 2018

Accommodation for Young People

The topic has been updated with current referral criteria for the schemes.

The topic on Supported Lodgings has also been updated.


April 2018

Homelessness Prevention Fund

The procedure has been updated. Please see the topic 'Homeless Prevention Fund'.

S21 Notice procedure

A procedure for Housing Advisors has been added to the topic on 'assisting tenants faced with eviction'. This will only be visible in the main manual. The procedure takes account of Simon Penn's specialist role in defending proceedings and attending court as necessary. A letter for landlords is provided.

CAB Advice

The topic on CAB Advice has been updated to show that we no longer fund the Wednesday morning debt advice sessions that used to be held on Wednesday mornings at Mandela House.

Tenancy Sustainment Service

The topic on City Homes Tenancy Sustainment Service (TSS) has been updated with new contacts and a fresh referral form.

Dual Diagnosis Street Team (DDST)

A new topic describes the services of the Dual Diagnosis Street Team, who work with street homeless people who are experiencing difficulty with mental health and substance abuse.


February 2018

Mortgage Repossessions


The topic about Support for Mortgage Interest has been updated to reflect the fact that SMI will soon become a repayable loan, rather than a benefit (from 6th April 2018). The rules for the new structure are set down in the Loans for Mortgage Interest Regulations 2017 (2017 №725) and are part of the changes implemented by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016.


Loan payments will continue to be made indefinitely until a relevant change in circumstance occurs. These changes include:

  • ceasing to be entitled to a qualifying benefit;

  • ceasing to be liable to make owner-occupier payments;

  • no longer occupying the premises;

  • completing the mortgage; or

  • in the case of Universal Credit, having any earnings.

The loan and interest must be repaid immediately following certain events. These are:

  • the sale of the property;

  • the transfer of title of the property;

  • the claimant’s death; or

  • in the case of a couple, the death of the last member of the couple.

Recovery is made from the proceeds of sale or transfer, or from the estate in the case of death. If there is insufficient equity in the property, after prior charges have been settled, to settle the outstanding loan and interest, then the additional amount will be written off.


Other updates

New Horizons 1:1 Coaching (money and work) has been added to 'Employment & Training'

Veterans Housing Advice, Project Nova and a range of other support organisations have been added to 'Veterans Support'

Staying Close, Staying Connected has been added to Care Leavers.

Contact details for CSMHOT have been updated.

The Foodbank Checklist, flowchart and list of authorised signatories has been added to the topic on Food banks.

Leaflets for HB+ and HB Family+ have been added to the topic 'HB+ rent top-up scheme'.

Details of the process for Universal Access to CLAS loans has been added to 'Loans via Cambridge Local Assistance Scheme (CLAS)'

The details of the Move-On Houses have been updated, as they are now managed through Cyrenians.



December 2017

Separate Toolkit created.