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Stay Well Heating Grants

Energy efficiency improvements



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Stay Well Heating Grants

Grants of up to £300 for vulnerable individuals/families living in Cambridgeshire facing fuel poverty are available,  to contribute towards future heating costs. For those that are homeless, other costs of keeping warm (such as sleeping bags) will be considered.

Individuals/families must be referred by an organisation (voluntary sector or local authority) that has assessed the circumstances and can verify that the individual/family are in extreme crisis and in need of immediate assistance.

Repeat /multiple requests for one family or individual  are not anticipated as it is expected that the referring agent is doing all they can to help the person move on from the crisis point.

Where there is historic debt owed to their energy supplier, the organisation helping the individual will need to seek support from a debt advice agency or other resource. The Stay Well Grant will not be paid to offset historic debt.

Grants will be paid direct to the energy supplier, or to the referring agent to buy a prepayment token or other items.

To apply, complete the relevant section of the online form.

Further information from:

Sur Reynolds

Community Investment Service Manager

Direct: 01223 713748

E Mail: Sue.Reynolds@chsgroup.org.uk


Energy efficiency improvements

Small grants for energy efficiency improvements for home owners or private tenants are available – for information on this and other home energy advice go to https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/home-energy-and-water-use. If you feel we can help a resident (regardless of tenure) who you are involved with, please refer them through to the contact below:

Philippa Hughes, Home Energy Officer,



01223 457676