Young Person Referral Process

Topic last updated October 2015


From November 2015 the joint allocation panel will become the youth accommodation forum (YAF).  JAP and YAF will run in parallel in October 2015 in order to allow people to become used to the new system.

In-Form enables clients to be referred to youth accommodation services in a transparent way.

In-Form is a partnership; each agency has a part to play in order for the system to work effectively.

The process:

1. A client under 25 in need of accommodation presents to a YAF referring agency

2. The referring agency searches In-Form for the client's record

3. If one exists, they review and update it

4. If there is no In-Form record for the client, the referring agency creates one.

5. When the main client record has been updated, the referring agency completes an In-Form risk assessment, which is linked to the main client record.

6. The referring agency then creates a Youth Accommodation Referrals timeline event which is automatically linked to the main client record.

7. The referring agency completes their section of the timeline event, including which hostels they would like to refer the client to.

8. An email is automatically sent to the hostels selected in the timeline event notifying them of the referral.

9. The accommodation provider clicks the link in the email which takes them to the YAF timeline event.

10. The accommodation provider clicks the client's name and views their main record

11. The accommodation provider reviews the risk assessment attached to the main client record.

12. Once the main client record and risk assessment have been reviewed, the accommodation provider goes back to the Youth Accommodation Referral timeline and completes their section (clearly marked with the name of their project).

13. The client is now added to the relevant waiting list (if accepted).

14. When the client moves into accommodation, their YAF status is changed to ‘Housed’ and they are no longer a current YAF client.  



There is no longer a separate process for referring to the Cambridge Youth Foyer.