Regional Mobility through Home-Link

If a customer is keen to move to another local authority area within the sub-region with which they do not already have a local connection, they can bid for properties in the 'cross partner pot'.


The Lettings Policy includes the following text:


4.4.1 To ensure local housing needs are met, 90% of properties advertised through the CBL scheme will be labelled as available to applicants with a local connection to Cambridge City Council. 10% of advertised properties, plus those that are difficult to let, will be open to bidding from applicants with a local connection to any authority in the Cambridge Sub-region. 25% of new growth homes will be made available for cross boundary mobility. The relevant local connection requirement will be clearly labelled on the property advertisement.

4.4.2    Where a property has local connection criteria attached to it through a local lettings plan or s.106 agreement, then these properties will be let in line with the criteria within the s.106 agreement or local lettings plan. This may differ from the local connection criteria contained within this lettings policy and will be mentioned in the property advert.