Referral Process for Single Homelessness Service

Topic last updated March 2019

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InForm Referrals


The source document for this information is this procedure (updated November 2018).

InForm Referrals


All referrals to the SHS are made through Inform.

An Inform record should be created for the applicant, or updated if a record already exists (please search for the customer before creating a new record). Housing Advisors should ensure that all details on the front page are complete and up-to-date.

A new SHS referral for the applicant should be created on the Inform record. Housing Advisors should:

The information on the Inform front page and the SHS referral will be referred to as the most up-to-date information about the applicant.

The notes section should be used to give as much background detail on the client as possible.

Housing Advisors should record that they have read the Privacy Notice to the client. A topic about use of the Privacy Notice is in the main manual at System User Guidance > Inform > Consent on InForm.

Housing Advisors should attach a copy of the applicant’s PHP to the referral (or add a link to the PHP into the notes section)

Please give applicants a copy of the SHS leaflet, so they understand the service they are being referred to.

If you have any queries regarding the Single Homelessness Service, please discuss with the Single Homelessness Co-Ordinator in the first instance.