Housing Options for Offenders

Topic updated September 2019

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Chorus Homes


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Chorus Homes


From September 2019 for a trial period of 3 months, Chorus Homes (formerly Luminus) are opening up bed spaces in Huntingdon and St Ives, for those coming from Cambridgeshire area with offending background/substance misuse issues, care and support needs and housing related issues.


Historically they have taken Huntingdon and Fenland connected residents with the exception of those engaged with CGL or IOM in Cambridgeshire, and will still prioritise those with a Hunts or Fenland connection. However they will now consider applicants from a wider area for the project with offending background. There is no need for them to be IOM or CGL engaged.


In summary:

- This is a 3 month trial to open referrals up to Cambridge so use heavily now!!

- They have 12 beds; House in Huntingdon, House in St Ives (generally for women) and a house in Wisbeach.

- Own room, shared facilities

- Daily support offered

- They do accept sex offenders

- Service charge starts at £15 a week

- Move on realistically starts at 6 months and often done via application to Homelink

- If everything goes well, they will be housed for a minimum of 6 months but there is no maximum of how long they can be in the project

- Be mindful that it is often lone female working when completing referrals


To refer

- MUST have offending history

- MUST have substance misuse but NOT currently using. Substance misuse therefore should be in the past, unless scripted / on alcohol reduction programme

- MUST have housing need – doesn’t need to be homeless, just something going wrong with their housing at the moment

- MUST have local connection to Cambridge, so do not send any over for special reasons or if you cant verify LC.

- MUST include FULL criminal history / OASys report and not state ‘will give if requested’.


Faye will be attending the panel every month for all referrals to Chorus, so email Faye if / when you have referred someone so that she is aware.

Referral form

The referral form is here.


Please ensure the forms are signed by the person themselves including the project details so that they are aware that they will be engaging in support and its not an easy route to a council flat.


Please send any referral forms to elizabeth.woodley@chorushomesgroup.co.uk and copy in amy.goodson@chorushomesgroup.co.uk


Please be aware there is a referral, assessment and then panel process, so we cannot offer immediate accommodation




Chorus Homes

Brook House, Ouse Walk, Huntingdon, Cambs  PE29 3QW

Tel: 0345 266 9760 Mobile 07526 170 486

Email: elizabeth.woodley@chorushomesgroup.co.uk

Web: www.luminus.org.uk