Low Support Needs Housing

Topic last updated August 2016


Single people with low support needs will often be suitable for referral to the Single Homeless Service, however the following is also available for direct referral:

Move- on Houses

For low needs residents, support is low, consisting of support meetings every 6 weeks and reviews every 12 weeks. There is less support for job seeking than the Springs, although people are still signposted to Wintercomfort. Support with resettlement is provided.


Accommodation is a room in shared house with 3-4 bedrooms located on Dudley Rd, Kings Hedges Rd, Jolley Way, Coldhams Lane, Ferrars Way, Mere Way, Green End Rd and GPC at Tenison Rd (George Pateman Court are self-contained flats, very rarely come up void).


Anyone can refer to the Move-on Houses through Inform, but you cannot refer to a particular address.


If you need any more information contact Andrew Smith (see InForm). Iif you want to look round a property then that can be arranged too.