Jimmy's Interim bedspaces


Just as a reminder: if you are booking a client into one of the SHS interim bed-spaces at Jimmy's, it is especially important that you have identified a clear exit plan for the client. This means there should be somewhere suitable for the client to move into in the future. If referring to the Springs, they should be engaging (or prepared to engage with immediate effect) in some kind of meaningful activity - i.e. paid or voluntary work.

We have two rooms that are used by Jimmy's on a night-by-night basis if we don't use them for SHS clients - when we move someone into Jimmy's, it means that the person occupying that room has to move out. So it's important that anyone we move into Jimmy's on an interim basis is going to be suitable to be moved out into some other accommodation.

If you book a room at Jimmy's, then you are likely to be asked to confirm the client's exit plan.

If you get any problems with booking a room at Jimmy's, then please refer the issue to me in the first instance.