Housing Options for Older People

Topic last updated September 2018

Service Description

This tool is for people aged over 65, who may be finding their home is too large to manage, in poor condition or too far from friends or family - and they are not sure what to do

The HOOP tool is designed to ensure that all older people have access to free information, advice and support to consider their housing options and where they live at an early stage to maintain independence and wellbeing.

HOOP (Housing Options for Older People) can be accessed online or by telephone and is free to use. Working with First Stop, the project led by Cambridgeshire County Council is being rolled out across the whole of Cambridgeshire now, following a successful pilot in South Cambridgeshire.

People answer a simple questionnaire about their home and how it suits them. The answers are then used to put people in touch with local housing options (sheltered housing, extra care schemes), support services and community groups that can provide a mixture of practical support and advice.

This could be solutions for moving to somewhere cheaper and easier to run, more suitably designed or located and offering more human company, more security from crime and reassurance in case of an accident.

Service weblink

Visit http://hoop.eac.org.uk/hoop/start.aspx for more information.