Direct Access Hostels

This topic describes hostel accommodation to which single homeless people might self-refer. If there is any reason to believe that the customer may be in priority need, the possibility of a homeless application should be considered as an option, and a placement in interim accommodation made, if necessary, whilst enquiries are conducted. If in doubt, here is a quick link to the Vulnerability Questionnaire.


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Hostels and Local Connection

Jimmy's Cambridge

Direct Access hostels in neighbouring areas

Hostels and Local Connection

Applicants with a local connection to the sub-region may be able to access hostels in the city or around the sub-region. For an explanation of how local connection works in relationship to Hostels, Home-Link and formal homelessness applications, click here.

Jimmy's Cambridge

Jimmy’s Cambridge is an independent charity, and the only direct access accommodation in Cambridge. There are 10 beds for direct access. The other 10 beds are for use by the Street Outreach Team for verified rough sleepers. Guests are expected to fully engage with support services during their stay and to move on within 28 days (priority is given to Jimmy's guests for vacancies at . Guests must be aged between 18 and 65.


You should direct all single roofless customers to Jimmy's (unless they have previously been banned), as Jimmy's will also act as a clearing house for other hostel beds in the area. Current Jimmy's residents receive priority for some other schemes (the attached leaflet explains this).



i_black.jpg1 East Road



(Just beyond the far corner of Parker's Piece)


01223 576085


Direct Access hostels in neighbouring areas

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Age Limits

Local Connection required

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New Haven




01733 554858





Not essential

01733 891891