Advising applicants on how to make a Home-Link application, and to whom

Topic last updated August 2016


Which Partner?


Applicants should be applying to the Home-Link partner with whom they have the strongest Local Connection - however, they are permitted to have as their 'lead' partner any Local Authority in the partnership with whom they have any kind of local connection.


Since Cambridge City Council now delays the verification of an applicants' circumstances until the applicant gets close to offer, some applicants may mistakenly think that this is an advantage. It may be an advantage, but only for applicants in lower bands (who are unlikely to come up for offer anyway).


An applicant may have an acceptable local connection with two or more Home-Link areas (for example, if they currently live in South Cambridgeshire but work in the City). The partner to whom the applicant applies is required, as part of the verification of proofs, to check the evidence of all local connections (including with other partners).


Method of applying


Applicants should always be encouraged to apply on-line. It is possible to do so, even if the applicant does not have a computer at home (e.g. using local libraries, or the computers in Mandela House Reception: Customer services Advisors can assist).


Where are most of Cambridge City Council's properties?

This map shows the areas of concentration of Cambridge City Council's properties for rent.