Dealing with disclosures of domestic abuse

Topic last updated May 2019

Draft guidance document

Click here to read the guidance for Housing Advice Service staff about dealing with disclosures of Domestic Abuse.

Until this document has been further updated, please take note of the following additional procedures:

Disclosures from occupiers of City Homes properties

There are two UDCs (notes) on Orchard for Domestic Abuse(DA) cases in City Homes properties:


'DAP' is a UDC for the property and is to be used when we have done work to the property to aid target hardening in relation to risk, for example additional locks/changed the door.  If staff are aware that the Bobby scheme has added locks etc to a property, also add this UDC and note any information.

'DAH' is a UDC on the person when we are made aware that there has been a report of DA at an address, this is particularly important for joint tenancies, where the joint tenant may be the perpetrator.  Anyone putting the UDC onto the person should add brief notes re level of risk/legal action and if relevant whether there has been a MARAC referral.

It is expected that everybody should be applying these UDCs.