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Topic last updated April 2018


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Debt Advice Service

Appeals against DWP benefit decisions

Debt Advice Service

i_black.jpgPlease note that we are no longer funding the CAB to provide debt and money advice appointments from Mandela Housing on a Wednesday morning.


If you want to direct people to CAB  to receive debt advice (which you will inevitably need to do as part the of the PHPs)  they will need to use the drop in service at CAB’s main office on Devonshire Road.   This is available from Monday to Friday, 9.15am – 12.45pm.


Alternatively, CAB offer a range of outreach services across the city, some as drop-ins and some by appointment only.   This includes their Mandela house Advicehub drop-in session on Tuesdays between 11.00 and 3.00.    


Details of CAB outreach services are available on their website and these might be more convenient for clients depending on where they live.


However,  the outreach services are mainly staffed by advisors who offer generalist advice and information via a diagnostic, triage type service and may result in a referral to the Devonshire Road office anyway.


Advice from the CAB on the best way for to access their debt advice services is as follows:


The best option for your clients and to quicken the process is to come straight to Devonshire road, where they will initially see a generalist advisor, then they can would be offered a generalist appointment to produce the financial statement and assessed to see if they need to  be referred to a money advice specialist caseworker. If it was for a CLAS application or can be dealt with at this stage like phoning the council and arranging payments then the generalist advisor would complete the process. However, if it an on going process and needs fall money advice service it would be referred to specialist worker.


Once referred to a caseworker they will  continue with that caseworker to work through all aspects of there case until the clients issues are resolved or client no longer wishes to engage.


Appeals against DWP benefit decisions

On Monday mornings, Cambridge CAB run an advice session at Mandela House for people who want to appeal against a decision that DWP have made about their benefits.

This is operated on an appointment system between 9.30am - 1pm. Therefore if you have a customer who needs to be referred please complete the form (to be advised) and email it to In the subject field please label it Benefit Outreach.


Please ensure you obtain the customer's contact details, as CAB will contact the customer direct to make the appointment.



If you just want an informal chat with Sally about a concern please call her on 01223 222685